Battles in Lincestis

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religious buildings:tmple this was the house of gods and was rectangular or circular

political building:basilica:meetings, trials and comercial activities took place here

recreatioonal buildings:triumphal arch: this had several arch-shaped entrances and commemorated a military victory on important event

recreational buildings: theatre:actors performed comedies or tragedies here. It was a semicircular shape.  Circus:this held chariot races.It was in the shape of a rectangle.   Amphitheatre: it´s held gladiator and animals flights and simulations of naval battles.

Civil buildings: Aqueduct: this transported water to the cities. It had one or several tiers of arches supported by pillars.  Roads: these were made of several layers of stone with big flat slabs places on the top of them.    Thermal baths: these were public baths and consisted of several rooms. 
Bridge:this had several semicircular arches resting on pillars

special attention was given to realistically features of the person represented, although the style changed over the time:
Republic an extremely realistic style was used
high of the empire  an idealized reslistic style was used to glorify empeors and important people
Decline of the empire, a simpler style was used (rigid expresions)

was used to decorated walls and paint murals
variety of subjects
they portrayed architectural features

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