Battle of Lucocisterna february 1324

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The court sided With Zenger and determined that the press has a Right and responsability to keep the public informed of the truth. Freedom of The press gives journalists the right to publish the truth without restriction Or penalty. Libe lis the publishing of statements that damage a person´s Reputation. Benjamin Franklin was the founder Of the newspaper, Pennsylvania Gazette. Inventor of Stove, Street lamps, Lighting, rod and bifocals. Co-founder of first public hospital, library, fire Department, liberal arts academy. Albany Congress Was organized by the British government. British government called a meeting Amongst all the colonial leaders. This meeting would be held in Albany, New York. The British Government Goal was for the Colonies to agrre to uniting and cooperating in defending themselves against The french during the french and indian war. Slavery. Between 1500-1800 more Than 10 million enslaved africans were Transported to America.

WAR.What issues coudl develop from England and France having colonies in North America? Both could have multiple issues with colonies in North America. Their colonists could cause territorial disputes. They could compete over Economic resources. They could compete economically in the same área. All of These issues could lead to war. In 1753 the french beganbuilding forts along the Ohio River Valley. George Washington was put in Charge of the Virginia Militia and told to Order to the French to leave the Ohio River Valley. The French rejected his Warning. Washington returned a year later. The French had already built the Fort Duquesne. Washington decide to build a fort 50 miles away and named it Fort Necessity. Later Washington were forced to Surrender Fort Necessity to the French. British take action. When general Braddock died in Fort Duquesne, he gave his general slash to George Washington. The three major British victories were at Louisbourg, Fort Duquesne and Quebec. After the British win the war France will lose Territories in North America, Britain and France will sign the Treaty of Paris., and Britain will now control majority Of North America. Treaty of Paris. In February 1763 Britain and France signed The Treaty of Paris. France lost almost all of its North American possessions. The British gained French Canada and all other French territories east of the Missisippi River. EFFECT OF THE WAR.(6 points) The British were required to send troops and supplies over to North America, This all cost lots and lots of money., A major effect of the war is that it Left the British deeply in debt, The british won the war and obtained the Ohio River valley, This relieve the tensions of the french and native americans Invading the colonists, The british felt they fought this war for the colonists And they should now pay for the cost. LAST. In 1756 The war officialy begins. Many british defeats. BATTLE OF LOUISBOURG. First major british victory. Later Fort Duquesne fell. Iroquois join the british. Major turning point in the war. BATTLE OF QUEBEC. One of the most important cities in French colonies. SURRENDER OF MONTREAL. French Greatly outnumbered. Last major battle of the war.

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