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The end of the cold war:

-Was a result of different causes:
   -Reform in the Soviet Union.
        -In 1985, Gorbachev was named Secretary General of the Soviet Communist Party and leader of the USSR. He approved important reforms known as perestroika
        -Political reforms:
            -The USSR permitted other political parties
            -The USSR adopted a new policy called glasnost-it permitted freedom of speech
        -Economic reforms:
            -Private ownership of land was allowed
            -Spending cuts were introduced
    -The collapse of the Eastern Bloc:
         -The 1989 elections in Poland, which were won by Solidarity- a non-communist party
         -In 1989, the people of Berlin pulled down the Berlin Wall. In 1990, the GDR (East Germany) was disolved and Germany was reunified
         -The Communist states of Eastern Europe became democracies
         -The disolution of Yugoslavia (1990)
    -The disolution of the URSS:
         -Independence movements had emerged in the Soviet republics after the introduction of perestroika
         -In 1991, a number of these republic obtained independence, Gorbachev resigned and the Soviet Union was dissolved
        -The URSS was replaced by the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)
        -The Russian Federation was created in 1991 and its first president was Boris Yeltsin

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