Art Exhibition and Passive Voice in English

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Exhibition, Portraits, Landscapes, Masterpieces, Realistic

Sketches, Abstract, Talented, Oil, Charcoal, Watercolour

Drawing, Sculpture, Ink, Clay

The Passive:

a; Teachers took Mia on sketching trips.

p; Mia was taken on sketching trips.

Present Simple Passive:

Mia is taken on a helicopter ride.

Cameras are not used during the flight.

Past Simple Passive:

Mia was examined by a doctor.

Her talents weren't discovered until...

Future Simple Passive:

Mia's drawing will be shown in London.

It won't be exhibited in NY.

Present Continuous Passive:

More trips are being planned for Mia.

Her work isn't being shown here now.

Present Perfect Simple Passive:

Mia has been interviewed many times.

These drawings haven't been drawn by Mia.

The Causative:

Mia's parents had her tasted.

We'll get the paintings hung by a professional.

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