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36.      Does current and drift effect the True vector on a relative motion display?


2.      If you input gyro course to the ARPA, what can you expect?

Error in other ships calculated course

3.      Why is raster scan display “lock up” so dangerous?

The displayed information is no longer relevant

4.      What is dangerous with operating the ARPA in mixed mode over time?

Forgetting that this actually in mixed mode

5.      What can you expect from the ARPA target tracking system in auto acquisition mode?

Small and weak targets may not be acquired

6.      Doesthe line connecting the PAD or POS whit the target indicate target speed?


7.      What is the meaning of a flashing triangle, apex pointing down?

New target or target entering guard zone

8.      What is the meaning of a flashing diamond?

Lost Target

9.      What is the meaning of XXT at bottom of the display?

ARPA in trial mode

10.  Does the COLREG give any preference to ships equipped whit ARPA?


11.  What is the main content of COLREG Nº 5?

Proper look out


12.  COLREG   Nº 10 applies to?

Vessels sailing in separation schemes 

13.  COLREG Nº 35 specify?

Sound signals during reduced visibility



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