Anne Frank: Her Life, Diary, and Legacy

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  1. What city did Anne Frank live in?


  1. How old was she and when did she start writing her diary?

-At 13 years old on June 12, 1942.

  1. When and where did she die?

-Anne Frank died in March 1945 in Bergen-Belsen, a concentration camp.

  1. How many people was she hiding with?

-With 7 people, her family, and 4 other Jews.

  1. What was she fighting with Mr. Dussel about?

-Because he always said to her that she was wasting her time writing in that diary.

6. Why did she prefer her father over her mother?

-Because her father understood her more, he listened to her and gave her support to keep fighting for her dreams. With her mother, she was more distant because the mother was more closed, giving support to her.

7. Where did they hide?

-The Secret Annex.

8. What concealed the entrance to their hiding place?

-The entrance was concealed by a moveable bookcase.

9. Who was the only survivor?

-Her father.

10. Where did Mr. Dussel think the Frank family fled to?

-Mr. Dussel thought the Frank family fled to Switzerland.

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