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Amancio Ortega is considered a simple man despite his great luxury. A very few people know him, so it's no mystery about him, there are many rumors about him. He is a man who revolutionized the fashion shops Zara, not only in Spain but also in the world. //
He was born in Busdongo of Arbas, Leon, 28 March 1936. He married Rosalia Mera Goyenenchea with whom she had two children: Sandra and Mark. Mark had a serious mental disability. In 1986 he broke up with Amancio Ortega. //

He does not like bodyguards, in fact you can see him walking without security. It has its frills, like an airplane or riding. He now lives in the neighborhood of Zalaeta, near the beach Orzán, which is with his second wife, Flora, and his daughter. He has been accused by rumors uncertain. //
He is ultimately a simple man who has revolutionized the world of fashion. Also considered a mysterious man, but famous because he is the owner of one of the leading textile companies in the world, Zara.

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