The angle of attack

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Cuba: effects: ºCuba neither can export nor import to the United States. ºCuba doesn’t allow The United States’ tourism to enter to this country. ºCannot use de dollar as Exchange currency into the international transactions. ºdoesn’t have access to International finance organizations such as World Bank or International Monetary fund. ºCannot have accounts in dollar even in third-countries. Companies From others countries cannot sell products made with Cuba’s raw material to US Which implies the impediment of Cubans exports of strategic sectors within the World economy. Causes: º the expropriation Of us companies in Cuba. ºthe Cuban revolution (the step from capitalism system To a communism one. º The human rights were violated by Cuba government. Israel: causes: ºDisplaced people (not where to go). º Anti-Semitism still Exists in Europe (post WW2 and Cold war issues). ºJewish people need their own Country. ºMany Jews have already moved to Palestine (during and after the Holocaust). Effect: ºdivided Palestine (Jewish part and Arab part). ºConflict starts (5 countries invaded). ºUN and USA protected Israel. ºA safe place for Jewish (no anti-Semitism is Everyone is Jewish). Vietnam: Causes: the causes of this Vietnam War Should be treated from the point of view of the combatants’ side. Vietnam War, Political facts and territory: the Vietnams did it for political causes and Territory, but the conflict capitalism-communism was the dominant in front of The allies that fought together to the two army of this dispute. Cause 1: US Initiates action to prevent the spread of communism. Effect: Loss of life in Mass number on both sides. Cause 2: The US believed in the “domino effect”. If One country was communist. Then they were all going to become communistic. Effect: Congress passed a resolution to give the president power to declare War. They started bombing entire cities full of innocent people. Cause 3: The Last of the American combat troops pulled out in March 1973. As American aid Decreased, Chinese and soviet aid increased. In January 1975, North Vietnam Launched a full scale attack on the south. Effect: on april 31, the north had Captured Saigon. In the following years, north and south Vietnam were united to Create a single nation.

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