Ancient Civilizations and World History Quiz

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1. What do we call South America, Central America and North America?

A. The Americas

2. What is between Russia and Alaska?

C. the Bering Strait

3. What is maize very similar to?

C. corn

4. What did the Olmecs use to make statues?

D. basalt

5. What did the Olmecs use to make balls?

D. rubber

6. Where did the Nok people live?

A. West Africa

7. Which people built the city of Monte Albán?

A. Zapotec

8. Which people started a civilization on the Yucatan península?

D. Maya

9. Which city name means “City of the Gods”?

C. Teotihuacan

10. What did the Olmecs use to make statues?


11. Which people settled in Normandy?


12. What do historians call the early part of the Middle Ages?

Dark Ages

13. Who was the ruler of Gaul in 768 AD?

A. Roland B. Charlemagne C. Pope Leo III D. Pepin

14. In 800 AD, who declared Charlemagne emperor of the Holy Roman Empire?

A. Justinian B. Pepin C. Pope Leo III D. Henry V

15. In the feudal system, who was the most powerful person?

A. pope B. serf C. king D. Serf

16. What city was the capital of the Byzantine Empire?

A. Normandy B. Kiev C. Rome D. Constantinople

17. What did culture in the Middle Ages center around?

A. the church B. education C. trade D. the theater

18. Who tried to bring Europe out of the Dark Ages?

A. Empress Zoe B. Charlemagne C. Theodora D. Romanus III

19. Who was the first king of the Merovingians?

A. Leo III B. Clovis C. Charles Martel D. Pepin

20. The Chinese developed the ___, a tool for telling direction.

A. compass B. opera C. porcelain D. movable type

21. Japan is a chain of islands called an___.

A. empire B. avenue C. archipelago D. aqueduct

22. The Vietnamese fought against the Chinese by using ___.

A. deltas B. bedouins C. guerrilla tactics D. public Works

23. In 668, the Chinese made Silla an ___. or wartime friend.

A. icon B. ally C. idol D. artifact

24. Where was the prophet Muhammad born? ___

A. Jerusalem B. Mecca C. Medina D. Arabia

25. Where did the angel Gabriel appear to Muhammad? ___

A. in a cave B. in the desert C. beside a river D. in the bedroom

26. Where did Muhammad go in the year 622 AD? ___

A. Jerusalem B. Mecca C. Medina D. Mosque

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