Ancient Architecture Trivia: Parthenon, Pyramids, and Pantheon

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26) The approach to the Parthenon is the following:

a) non-linear

27) Name and give the height of the tallest pyramid in Gizah:

b) Cheops 410’

28) The Egyptian pyramid has the following characteristics:

b) used for worship

29) What name was given to the Roman bath at Caracalla’s warm water pool?

a) Tepidarium

30) Titus arch commemorated:

d) capture of Jerusalem

31) The Circus Maximum was:

d) all of the above ( a stadium for chariot racing, built by Julius Caesar, enriched with columns and marble) *

32) The Roman emperor Hadrian achieved in the Pantheon.. Span? How long?

c) 142 ft, 1400 years.

33) The Rosetta stone was the key of solving this.

c) Reading of Hieroglyphics

34) The Parthenon is located in what sacred site in Athens:

d) The Acropolis

35) The Greeks practiced several refinements or entasis in… such as:

d) All the above ( The end columns and closer spacing, frieze sculptures cut deeply at top, steps profile curve at center)

36) The capital, the architrave, the cornice, and the frieze were are part of:

a) A column

37) Trabeated Means:

a) Use of column and Lintel

38) The Ionic column order:

b) Has volutes and square base.

39) The political destiny of Athens was in the hands of:

d) Pericles

40) Who was the Egyptian priest that documented all the xxx Egyptian dynasties:

a) Manetho

41) The Roman emperor Hadrian was the architect for:

a) The Pantheon ( NOT THE PARTHENON)

42) After the pyramids the pharaohs were buried

d) Thebes, Valley of the kings.

43) Name the queen and her architect that had famous terraced temple at Der…

b) Hatshepsut, Senmut

44) The Colosseum’s floor could be flooded to hold mock navy battles to what depth?

a) 5 feet

45) The Pantheon is known for its use of the following:

d) concrete

46) The Pantheon is lit by the following:

c) A solitary oculus opening

47) Which Roman emperor accepted Christianity via the edict of Milan…

d) Constantine

48) Early Christian churches used this Roman building as a model…

a) Basilica- Romanesque

49) Name the tall tapering stone column shaft that comes to a point, monolithic and usually made of solid granite that the Egyptians used to commemorate a pharaoh’s life:

c) Obelisk

50) Name of the typical Egyptian temple entrance that is deep with battered walls.

c) Pylon

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