Analysis of Chapters 1-8 and 9-15 in Brave New World

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Capítulos 1-8

1) Obtaining your desired goal -> Harmful -> C
Lovely -> Alike -> F
Almost not at all -> Choice -> D
Destructive -> Disappointed -> H
Almost identical -> Hardly -> A
Horrified -> Successful -> E
Sad that something has not happened -> Shocked -> B
Selection -> Charming -> G

2) Mr. Foster explained... Choice
Mr. Foster was disappointed
The babies... Alike
The early... Successful
"What charming children"
Strong... Harmful
Fanny... Shocked
"I was... Hardly"

3) Love -> Hate // Simple -> Complicated
Allowed -> Prohibited // Only -> More than
Horrible -> Marvellous // Promiscuous -> With one partner

Capítulos 9-15

1) Bernard lay awake
The savage... Fond
Bernard had on unexpected
Helmholtz... In fact
Fanny... Sympathetically
Lenina... Scared
John had resolved... Comforts
John was Exhausted

2) Looked like / Take care of / Held on to
On the nose / At the top of

3) "I'm not your mother" Linda
"O brave"... John
"I will" The Director
"My reason" Bernard
"Don't you remember" Linda
"Sometimes" Lenina
"This isn't love" John
"I make the laws" Mustapha Mond

4) (Never/see) Had never seen
(Return) Returned
(Betray) Has betrayed
(Resign) Resigned
(Go) Had gone
(Happen) Has happened

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