Análisis de un anuncio publicitario

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Next, I will analyze the advertisement.
To begin with, I want to reflect that it is a commercial company selling an experience, product, or service. We can see this since the image shows the logo of the brand.
I also want to point out that on this occasion, the target audience is male, female, or both. The age of the people to whom the advertisement is directed ranges from 15 to 55 and over, as the public that consumes the most is a young, middle-aged, adult, or older public. The social class to which it is directed can be high, low, or middle class.
In this case, the advertised company is [Company Name].
What is advertised in this case is an image, product, idea, or service.
In this case, we observe how the message that is given is that the product is advertised in an image. It may also have a video format, such as in an advertisement on YouTube or perhaps through television advertising.
From my point of view, it is a very effective ad since it has a visual impact, which allows you to gather a lot of information just by looking at the image. That image is capable of telling us a lot of things, and that is very positive. I think it is a well-developed ad with a clear purpose: to attract the customer.

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