Amelie: A Modern Fairy Godmother and the Power of Narrative

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If this story had been told differently, it wouldn't have mattered to anyone. The best thing about this film is the narrative. It has such an attractive and comical principle that it catches anyone. Showing the characters with insignificant details brings them closer to the ordinary mortal, so full of obsessions or supposed oddities. They and not the protagonist of the story are, in my opinion, the success of this film. Amelie is a normal character who becomes the centerpiece of a story because of her kindness. Here she appears as a modern fairy godmother, even if she replaces the magic wand with toothpaste, slippers or intentional phrases. That's why the first part of the film, where the different human stories appear, is the one I liked the most, decaying when Amelie begins to be the protagonist of her own story. It gradually lost my interest there, going up a little bit about ten minutes before I finished. The film's narrative is a demonstration that stories can be told in a new and tasteful way.

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