Alexander the great "the sky will fall

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Appearance= sporty, cute, untidy, Slim, plain, sloppy, well-groomed, fit, exhausted, sporty, weak.

Clothes= professional, casual, smart, trendy, scruffy, unfashionable, elegant, sophisticated, fashion victim, trendsetter,

Personality= good natured, serious, ambitious, fun loving, self-conscious, reserved, outgoing, nice, a bit lost, full of himself, shadow of his former self, biased, adventurous, dull, conceited(creido), confident, impulsive, out-going, speechless, well-matched, unsteady, infantile, mature, reassuring

Blogs= Furious typers, coffee mornings, trollers, newbies, grunters, bores, diplomats, evil clowns, therapist, lurkers.

Adjectives= Annoying, chatty, even-handed, frustrating, harmless, nasty, disruptive, rambling, unsteady, critical, irrelevant, bare essentials, impatient of in-depth discussions., stumble, intriguing, modest,

Nouns= cyberculture, netiquette, de-lurk, netizens, lurk, FAQs(frequently asked questions), social gathering,

Hair= Straight, spiky, shoulder-length, frizzy, ginger, wavy, blonde, spiky, windswept, straggly

Accessories= hat, glasses, earrings, a nose-stud, hair clips, etc

Other= heavy make-up, freckles, wrinkled, stooped, unsteady, upright,

Idioms= day in/day out, fall into a trap, get sth off your chest, get your priorities right, hold your tongue, land(a job), make fun of, spring in your step, take a leap into the unknown, the bare essentials, work around the clock.

Unit 2= anger, antisocial, disapproval, dissatisfied, illogical, immature, insincerity, intense, irrational, irritated, unfriendly, unwilling, get across, give away, give out, lean, misquote, misunderstand, narrowed eyes,  raised eyebrowns, misspell, outnumber, outplay, outrace, outsell, overcooked, overslept, underpaid, undervalue, recall, overdue, unkind, uncertain, non-existant, inefficient, dishonest, nonsatisfied, mistrust, disbelief, overconfident, anti-progress

Disabilities= deafness, paralysis, blindness, depression, obsessions, being wheelchair-bound, compulsive behavior, having panic attacks, cerebral palsy, handicapped, achieve great things, severely disabled, critically acclaimed, determined efforts, world-famous author, deprived childhood, irrational theme, inspiring words, recurring theme

Adverbs for emphasis= absolutely, even, incredibly, really, truly

Changes: adapt, alter, convert, swap, transform, replace, turn into, vary, modify, 

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