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1)  circulation elements include the following:

d) all of the above ***

2)  The krak des chevalier castle was built by what Order of knights

       a)Hospitaller knights

3)Where did the crusader castles store their Water?  

      a)An Aqueduct

4)Which monastic church was a unique example of Romanesque Architecture?

    a) Cluny In Italy(france). ********** or St Peter’s Basilica  in Rome or Basilica di San Giovanni in Laterano in rome

5)Name The monumental sculpture of a recumbent lion with the pharaoh. It is placed at The foot of the great pyramids at gizah.  

     b)The Sphinx

6)A hypostyle hall in the great temple at karnak Contains many columns with the following average diameter:

      a)12 foot diameter

7)A hypostyle hall in the great temple at karnak Contains the following:

      a)Clerestory lighting

8)The greeks developed a mathematical system of Proportion


9)Greek city pattern for a finite population of 10,000 was developed by the following:


10)The correction technique That the greek applied by using a series of subtle…:


11)The greek city assumed the Following:

       d)all of the above

12)The greek city grid provided The following:

        d)All of the above

13) Egyptians sited their buildings.

c) Along the bank of the Nile

14) What is the hierarchical order of the Greek City Pattern.

        a) Acropolis then Agora

15) The Colosseum was built by the emperor Vespasian from (70-82ad) approx. How many spectators did it hold?

d) 50,000

16) The colosseum’s rapid construction program was due to The following:

c) Use of prefabrication ********

17)  Corbeled brackets can be seen on the upper level of the Colosseum, which once supported timber masts for what purpose:

      d) to hold a canvas awning

18) Name the column orders from simplest to most complex

      b) Tuscan: no base at all, Doric: rectangular base and capital, Ionic: 2 circular things, Corinthian: used more by Romans

19) Greece expanded its influence through:

c) colonization

20) Roman concrete technology was economical, organized and Speedy but lacked what component that is important in modern concrete Technology:

        b) tensile reinforcements

21) Early Egyptian temples were called.

        a) Matsaba

22) An example of prehistoric architectural structure that Aligned with the winter and summer solstice.

a) Stonehenge

23) Who was the pharaoh that commissioned the first “step Pyramid”?

        c) Zoser

24) The Greek architecture periods are divided as to before And after Alexander the Great…

         a) Hellenistic 650-323 bc

25) The Parthenon is the most refined… and what is the Column style that they utilized?

         b) Ictinus and Callicrates- doric

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