Aircraft Systems and Avionics: Key Concepts and Technologies

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Normal shock wave leads - to total turbulence behind shock wave

How to calculate drag coefficient - ratio between drag pressure to dynamic pressure

Turbulence caused by wing vortices absorb - increased induced drag

Induced drag reduced - higher aspect ratio

Lift augmentation devices - increase lift at slow speed (takeoff landing)

Wing fences used to reduce - effects of span-wise flow

Directional stability - sweepback of wing and vertical tail

Control surfaces give longitudinal control - elevators

Acceleration - change of velocity divided by time during which change occurs

Resistance of skin friction of air passes - parasite drag

Lift produced by an airfoil is resultant - relative wind

Types of stability - dynamic and static

Generally center of pressure travels - higher angle of attack - center of pressure moves forward

When wing stall occurs - center of lift moved forward

Lift-drag ratio indicates - airfoil efficiency

Critical Mach number between - subsonic and transonic speed

Stall conditions first occur - wing tip area

Straight line drawn between leading and trailing edge - chord line

Event button - record parameter for later maintenance purpose

Disadvantage of simple 3-bit - gives very poor resolution

Spoiler position transmitter gives - analog data

Purpose of multiplex - sequence multiple signals in pulse

Multiplex is done - by adding different time and address to each

Safety critical avionics at first exposed - hazard analysis

GPS satellite - continuously transmit its own unique encoded signal

ADS-B - send information to other aircraft and ground stations

ACE - convert analog to digital signal

LRU stands for - Line Replacement Unit

Primary function of FMS - provide high accuracy long and short range lateral navigation and vertical navigation

EFIS consists - PDF and ND

TCAS receiver transmit interrogation and receives both 2 antennas

When resolution RA condition - visual and aural advisory TCAS

Mode S and C transponder is - dual system for air traffic control

TCAS coordination is done through the active S transponder of the AC

TCAS resolution advisory RA provides - corrective and preventive

EICAS mounted - 1 on top and 2 on bottom of center instrument

IRS provides - calculation for position, orientation and velocity of aircraft

GPS system - determine extremely accurate 3-dimensional position, velocity, time

PFC get data - through ARINC bus

The FMS basic unit - control display unit flight management system computer, FMS data loader

IMU - detect change in geo position, velocity and orientation during flight

When intruder has Mode S - TCAS can receive aircraft identification range bearing and altitude

HIRF - refers to radio frequency of strength

Switches can be used to understand and interpret - digital data

CMOS integrated circuits have - very low current consumption

Fiber optic receiver - photodiode detector, convert light into electrical signal

In fly-by-wire - actuators servo valves are operated by electrical signal

EHA - have their own hydraulic reservoirs only

Analog to digital conversion is more accurate when analog is cut into more digital signals in a period of time

First glass cockpit - used CRT technology

Level A is the highest catastrophic critical level...

Interface between the computer and user is accomplished - via digital data buses, which can transmit information in one or both ways

Function of instruction word is - tell computer operation to perform the data

Pixel electrode is a part of - LCD display

Flight control and navigation are - flight critical and require A level

EMI stands for - electromagnetic interference

Composite parts on aircraft shall have some metals installed for more conductivity

Electromagnetic compatibility - refers to compatibility of different materials

MDF is located - center instrument panel

Basic idea of an analog to digital converter is to - translate a value into a binary number

MP4 player - digital to analog (DAC) converter

IFE - convert digital to analog data and analog to digital data

Micro converter - analog data into digital

The data bus is made of twisted shield pair of wires, shield must be grounded at both ends

ARINC 429 - signal can travel in one direction through bus only for operational...

An OR gate with both inputs 0 brings - 1

Most common NOT symbols are - called inverters

CMOS circuits use - less power than other circuits

TTL stands for - transistor-transistor logic

Chips or microprocessors are - number of many logic circuits integrated on one

Program is a plan or routine for solving...

Types of words in computer - INSTRUCTION and DATA WORDS

Data bus in microprocessor - contains location of information

Flip-flops are integrated circuits - which count and store binary

Faster operation of a chip - means more heat produced

Larger integration of transistors in a chip - increases speed of the device

Couplers in fiber optics - with multiple input or output...

Attenuation in fiber is caused by - absorption and scattering light

Optic data transmitter - is used to transfer light signal over fiber

Fiber optic technology is most used - on flight entertainment systems

Core in fiber optic is - the thin plastic or glass layer light travels

LCD stands for - liquid crystal display

An electronic gun is a part of - CRT display

Level A is called - catastrophic

Faraday cage is - shield against EMI effects

Carbon fiber is - 1000 times more resistive than aluminum

To determine the direction - use left hand rule

Satcom system - enables passengers to use WIFI

Inertial navigation - uses gyroscopes to measure angular velocity

Basic measurement instrument of IRS - rotation and motion sensor

TCAS traffic advisory - advert 35-48 seconds before collision

Modern digital auto flight system works - close cooperation = position flight

GPS receiver - only receives signal, not transmit signals

TCAS indicates - yellow for traffic advisory and red for resolution

ECAM - electronic centralized aircraft monitor

Binary coded decimal builds series of - 4-bit words

What system drives auto throttle - thrust management system TSM

Is the signal any weaker after A/D to D/C conversion? Yes, signal is a bit degraded in any conversion

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