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internal enviroment: refers to the fluids that surroundthr cells in the body. Conditions of the internal enviroment, like temperature or composition of the fluid, must be stable for cells to work properly.

the internal human enviroment:
the internal fluid: it surrounds and bathes the cells
blood and lymph: they collect and distributes substances the cells need, and eliminate the waste from the circulatory system
the circulatory system consists of two systems 
the blood circulatory system: it carries nutrients and oxigen throughout the body
the lymphathic system: it has 3 main functions:
return excess interstinal fluid to the blood
transport absorbed fat from the small intestine to the blood
defend the body in the immune system
the lympathic system is called lymph

The lymphatic system: is a network of vessels and structures distributed throughout the body, smaller vessels join to form larger ones.
-Lymph capillaries: very thin vessels (found in a tissue) Function: they collect excess intestinal fluid.
-Lymphatic vessels: larger vessels with valves that prevent the lymph from flowing backwards: Function: they return excess lymph to the circulatory system.
-Lymph nodes (glands): small bean-shaped organs, they are located along major arteries and veins. Function: they contain defence cells that locate and fight microorganisms that could cause infection(the nodes become larger)
-LYMPH: consits of intestinal fluid that flows into the lymphatic vessels,it's only flows through the body in one direction.

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