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  • Thermal energy is the energy that is exchanged between two bodies or systems of matter that have different temperatures. Thermal energy is also exchanged when a body changes from one physical state to another.

  • Kinetic energy (Ec) is the energy of a body in motion. It depends on the mass and the speed of the body.

  • Potential energy (Ep) is the energy of a body determined by its position. It depends on the body’s mass and position

  • Gravitational Potential Energy
  • Elastic potential energy
  • Electrical energy is energy produced by the movement of charged particles (electrons), due to a potential difference.

  • Radiant energy is energy carried by the electromagnetic waves, such as light, radio waves, microwaves, X-ray or γ rays. It’s called radiation. 

  • Chemical energy is energy stored in substances or materials, substances have chemical energy. Their energy can be observed when a chemical reaction takes place Chemical reactions 

  • Nuclear energy is the energy released by the nuclei of atoms of some chemical elements when they fuse (fusion) or break apart (fission).

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