Aircraft systems

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1919 The Treaty of Versailles signed

1924 Hitler writes “Mein Kampf”  

Oct 1929 The global depression begins

Jan 1933 Hitler becomes chancellor of germany

Sept 1939 Invasion of Poland


1933 Hitler begins to rebuild his army in secret

Oct 1935  Abyssinia Invasions: The League of Nations is dead

Mar 1936  Rhineland reoccupied

July 1936 The Spanish Civil War (Germany rehearses arms and aircraft)

Novem 1936 Rome-Berlin Axis: Hitler-Mussolini Alliance

Mar 1938 Anschluss with Austria: annexation of Austria into Germany

Sep 1938 The Munich agreement: Sudetenland (region of czechoslovakia) was given to Hitler

March 1939 Nazis invade Czechoslovakia

Aug 1939 The Nazi-Soviet  Non-Aggression pact

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