An aircraft making a radar approach should be directed to execute a missed approach if no clearance to land has been received from the non-radar controller by the time the aircraft reaches a distance of

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App Ch y Pro What: obstacle obstruct ; a proc turn is not ; when GS incre rate of descent must incre ; TO mini are not stand ; 700ft or more to the base ; the pilot… request contact ; a recommended electronic GS ; 1,000ft within a 25NM radius When: when established on a segm ; project a false signal ; 30 sec intervals at 1350Hz ; the landing minimums published ; A straight… MAY be ; on tower freq ; automatically when atc instructs ; ATC will assign a contact ; as soon as possible ; when established on a segment of a publish Which: LOC minimums ; if departing to the high side ; parallel ILS approaches provide ; none ; a compass locator ; any fix that is defined by letters ; STAR are established to simplify ; safe obstruction clearance in the app area ; safe obstruction clearance in the app area ; maintain the last assigned heading ; middle compass locator ; when to commence descent to MDA While: established on a segment The: rapid… of the approach end ; missed approach point ; power only ; must be decreased if the GS is decre ; 90kts ; constitute… the upper glidepath During: increase as GS increases ; minimum altitude shown ; when radar vectors are prov How: IAP indicate DME/TACAN ; all fixes that are labeled ; by defined vertical ; course guidance to the final ; all fixes are labeled IAF To: incre if the GS is incre In: in areas of hazardous It: efficient routing to max ; a procedure turn is not autho ; you must… airport…to be followed…VFR cond If: use a nav or appro system ; proceed to the miss ; decision altitude ; arrival at the DH on the GS ; understand reverse sensing ; LNAV Immediately: permitted to… MDA Under: when ATC deems it appropriate Overriding: fly to the mawp A: in lieu of conducting a SIAP ; monitoring of two comms freq After: one half standard rate Assume: as son as possible Approximately: 200ft Aircraft: 1.3 times… in landing config Changing: disable the GPS Flying: the pilot must request Lights: flashing PAPIs On: execute the miss app ; advisory…as an aid to the pilot Pilots: flight vis is at Precision: a radar system for monitoring You: an altitude correction ; fully configured and on the correct ; as soon as possible ; clear of clouds ; the approach becomes unstabilized  Your: your avionics system ; once diverted to the alternate

EnR Ch y Pro What: you should ; 3SM 1,000ft 500ft blw y 2,000ft hor ; execute ; timing for OB leg ; set the… upon reach 18,000ft ; clear above below o betw ; radar display When:a VFR cruis ; when assigned ; mag crs ; meet the rest ; plus or minus 6 ; class a ; a request  To: 265kts ; (5,000): 200kts ; as rap… 1,000ft The: power only ; provides ; meets ; 18,000ft y FL600 Which: class e ; pressure ; to use… at least ; after  ; FL600 While: the curr…100nm ; 25,000ft Unless: 1,000ft y 4nm ; 18,000ft At: when over or abeam Preferred: an instrument Over: 100nm If: the MEA Upon: you are to assume You: maintain 11,000ft MEA: acceptable An: vor mon  During: resume  Outside: 5,000ft agl Acceptable: 22nm For: 200nm A: there is any

Clea y Pro What: enter no DP in the ; minimum IFR alt ; merely an advisory ; notify atc of the failure ; it authorizes a pilot to ; reduce IAS to 160kts ; continue on the routh ; available landing distance ; climbs may be made to ; separation from all aircraft ; the pilot has the option ; report the malfunction ; the same reports ; any appropriate VFR altitude ; read back those parts Where: only upon request of When: the high alt u climb to on the SID ; the pilot must advice ATC ; before enter class d ; when priority has been ; 200kts IAS ; taxiing and before taxiing ; only if pilot advises atc ; indicates… of exit taxiway ; 500fpm y 1,500fpm Which: 1,000ft obs clear ; if an ins dep ; when leaving final app ; both dashed and solid ; name of dest airport ; to vfr on top ; DP STAR y visual approaches ; depart... At the EFC time ; VFR y IFR ; dest airport altitude dp name ; continue the flight under VFR While: since it has been over ; (2)advise unable ; notify atc of the dev ; VFR and land as soon ;  During: depart… at the EFC time ; not hesitate to ; 40d to the right ; when the tower instructs ; when advises by tower How: atc periodically advises An: of the destination airport  A: vacate 4,000ft whitout ATC: when atc deems it ; 22 NM of a vor If: mag crs ; make a climbing turn In: class a You: continue as assigned ; still… must remain in VFR ; you may taxi via the assigned ; set trans to 7600 ; depart at your own ; if in VMC outside Once: a LAHSO clearance does not Consider: can taxi past On: destination airport y route Under: when pilot request

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