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everyone has their own preferences in terms of the country life and the city. Obviously both have both advantages and disadvantages. Between the advantages of live in the field is needed to mention the nature. That means the air incontaminado, landscapes quaint, animals and more. In addition time in the field runs slower than in the city. One not care about that will not something time but works in their own pace. Relations between the inhabitants of the field are usually very good. people is known enough to provide helps everyone. However the country life has its disadvantages. The higher than in the field there is no Center healthcare and consult your doctor one has to go to the city that can be quite far. The same happens in terms of other places such as supermarkets, cinemas, club. That can be especially irritating to young people who want to have fun. About the benefits of living in the city, as is that we have virtually all two steps of our home. The city gives US the variety immense clubs, bars, theaters, theaters and many other places created so we can have fun. Each can be found here something interesting. Generally there is no problems make purchases. If we need something, just let's store close. But other than that, the city life has its disadvantages. First, in each big city much traffic cause jams and makes the cars issue exhaust by which the city life is unhealthy. In addition cities are quite crowded and although there are many people, not well known. Sometimes one don't know with who share the floor of the block. In short, both the country life as in the city has something to attract people and something that the bouncing. It's hard to say what option is better and each have to choose you most like. II. Would you like to living in the field? Why? / why not? Me I would not nothing to live in the field. That would be too boring for me. In the field there is nothing interesting except for the nature that can be very fascinating. But my display mode, how much more time passes with nature, more bores you. I think the field is the perfect place to stay there two weeks or even a month but I NE would be able to stay there longer. I need a access to shops and amusement offered by the city

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Air law