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Malapropism-humorous misuse of A word that sounds similar to the word intended but has a ludicrously different Meaning

Mania-crazed, excessive excitement; Insanity; delusion

Marginal-related to or located at the Margin or border; at the lower limit of quality; insignificant

Materialistic-preoccupied with Material things; greedy for possessions

Mawkish-overly sentimental; maudlin

Meander-to travel along a winding or Indirect route; to ramble or stray from the topic

Medium-the means by which something Is conveyed or accomplished; a substance through which something is transferred Or conveyed; the materials used by an artist

Melancholy-gloomy; depressed and weary

Melee-a brawl; a confused fight or Struggle; a violent free-for-all; tumultuous confusion

Menagerie-a collection of animals

Meticulous-precise and careful about Details; fussy

Millennium-a period of 1,000 years; a Thousandth anniversary

Mire-marshy, mucky ground

Mode-method of doing; type; manner; Fashion

Modulate-to reduce or regulate; to Lessen the intensity of

Momentum-force of movement; speed; Impetus

Moratorium-a suspension of activity; a Period of delay

Mores-customary moral standards

Motif-a recurring theme or idea

Motley-extremely varied or diverse; Heterogeneous; multicolored

Municipal-pertaining to a city (pr town) And its government

Muse-to ponder; to meditate

Muster-to assemble for battle or Inspection; to summon up

Mystic-otherworldly; mysterious; Enigmatic

Nebulous-vague or indistinct; unclear; Hazy

Nemesis-unconquerable opponent or Rival; one who seeks just compensation or revenge to right a wrong

Neophyte-beginner; novice

Nirvana-a blissful, painless, Worry-free state

Noisome-offensive or disgusting; Stinking; noxious

Nomadic-wandering from place to place; Without a permanent home

Nomenclature-a set or system of Names; a designation; a terminology

Nonchalant-indifferent; coolly Unconcerned; blase

Nullify-to repeal; to cancel; to void

Obeisance-a bow or curtsy; deep Reverence

Objective-unbiased; unprejudiced

Obtrusive-interfering; meddlesome; Having a tendency to butt in

Obviate-to make unnecessary; to avert

Occult-supernatural; magic; mystical

Odious-hateful; evil; vile

Odyssey-a long, difficult journey, Usually marked by many changes of fortune

Olfactory-pertaining to the sense of Smell

Oligarchy-government by only a very few People

Ominous-threatening; menacing; Portending doom

Omniscient-all-knowing; having infinite Wisdom

Opprobrious-damning; extremely Critical; disgraceful

Ordinance-law; regulation; decree

Oscillate-to swing back and forth; to Pulsate; to waver or vacillate between beliefs or ideas

Osmosis-gradual or subtle absorption

Ostracize-to shun; to shut out or exclude A person from a group

Oust-to eject; to expel; to banish

Override-to overrule; to prevail over

Overture-opening move; preliminary Offer

Oxymoron-a figure of speech in which Two contradictory words or phrases are used together

Erratic-not even or regular in pattern Or movement; unpredictable

Spacious-(especially of a room or Building) having ample space

Determined-having made a firm decision And being resolved not to change it; processing or displaying resolve

Hyperbole-exaggerated statements or Claims not meant to taken literally

hypocrisy (hypocrite)-the practice of Claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one's own behavior does Not confirm; pretense

uphold-conform or support; maintain

swell-(v.) become larger or rounder In size; (adj.) excellent; very good

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