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  1. common law: interpretation throught past decisions of higher courts wich interpert the same statues, applies customary law principles to similar facts, not all inclusive, ownership is by use
  2. codelaw: legal system is commercial, civil and criminal, ownership by registration
  3. islamic law: the interpretation of koran, complete sytem for propert rights, economics decision, type of economic freedom, prohibition for payment of interest,emphasis on ethical, moral,social
  4. conciliation: formal or informal, private adn confidential, statements may not be disclosed, signature is recorded
  5. arbitration: disinterested parties as referees, formally conducted, enfoceable under the law
  6. litigation: fear o creating a poor image, unfair treatment in a freign court, difficulty in collecting a judgement, high cost,confidentiability
  7. intellectual property: refers to creations of the mind
  8. prior use: first person in use-registration: the first to register 
  9. conventions: paris convention for proteccion, interamerican convention, madrid arrangement-WIPO: responsable for the promotion of the proection of intellectual and the administration of the mulilateral treaties-PCT, EPC, TRIPS
  10. laws: promotion, development,labeling,pricing,chanels of distribution 
  11. US laws in host countries: foreign corrupt practices, national security laws, antitrust laws, antiboycott laws, extraterritoliality laws

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