Air law

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Tough:we can manufacture Windows, bottles or Lenses for impact resistant glasses.Littles Resistant to strain:we cannot build structures (bridges, buildings…) with plastic, not object (ladders, bicycles…) that must resisit great strains.Phoodegradable: continued exposure to Sunligth degrades them and makes them more brittle over time.


Compression:applies mainly to termostable plastics.Plastic Is placed in a Steel mold and it is heated to make it pasty.Pressure is applied With a hydraulic press so that the plastic takes the shape of the mold(lamp Holders).Vacunn forming: a plastic Sheet is placed on the mold of the object we want to manufacture.Using electric Resistances the sheet is heated untilit softens. The mold and the hot sheet are Then brought into contact and the air between them is extracted so that the plastic Adapts to the walls of the molds(toys).Calendaring: A machine called calander is used.By means of a chute, the molten plastic is Introduced into the top part of the calender.Inside the machine it is passed Between rollers that ive it the shape of sheet or plate(PVC sheets).Rotational molding: consists of slowly Rotating a mold that has molten plastic inside. The centrifual forcé causes the Plastic to be placed on the walls of the mold taking the shape of the object to Be manufactured(containers)

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