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Then I will tell you my flying Experience.
 It was my first time and it was given to me by my parents for my Birthday. I woke up super excited that day and also super soon, I went to Madrid and they took me to a big ship and there was a giant plot in the open air.
They gave me instructions on what I should do and when they explained what I Had to do in case of that the parachute broke I was scared a little, they Raised me very high I do not remember how many meters I was on the surface, and It came at the time of the big jump, I threw myself was a marvel and was about 5 minutes down, calculate 100 meters from High and I opened the parachute.
It was a mixture of adrenaline and nerves, it was the best birthday gift, early Risen was worth it.
I would go back without thinking, I recommend it totally if you are not a Person with vertigo, it is something unique.

My family and I were very Happy that day when we were going to Japan, we were leaving for a week to visit The city and get to know the culture .....

It was the last day there and Without waiting for something happened, Japan started to tremble, the people Were upset, the alarms kept ringing, I did not know what was happening, I was Only 10 years old, I got really scared, it was the worst experience of my life, My family started to run and we all followed the guide who was taking us Visit, Thanks to him we got to live, he took us to a shed which was very safe, it was Underground and it was pretty well built to be tsunami proof. After two hours We were able to leave, everything was in ruins, destroyed, it was a shame Because the Japanese had to put all their effort into rebuilding everything, But my guide said they were used to these tsunamis in Japan They are Normal".

We thanked Carry (the guide) and returned to The airport for Spain. It was something that had never lived but at least I Know how it is and what is wrong. I will not go again

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