Adrian's Coming of Age Story: A Year of Challenges and Love

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Adrian is 13 years old. I prepare his resolutions for the new year. He has a point on his chin. He feels bad because his parents separated. His dog is sick because he ate a model of a boat from Adrian's father. Lucas, the neighbor, visits Adrian's mother every day. Adrian meets Pandora and falls in love, but she ends up with Adrian's best friend, Nigel. At school, Adrian has a support group for the elderly where he helps Bert Baxter. Lucas and his wife divorce, and Adrian's father is jealous of him.


Adrian's parents no longer have housework. She just spends the day with Lucas looking at porn magazines. Adrian has his first porn dream. Lucas stays with Adrian's family because his wife took all the furniture. He only has a Valentine's card for Adrian's mother. Berry threatens Adrian every day if he does not bring him money. On the 24th, while distributing newspapers, Adrian finds Pandora's house.


Adrian's parents are getting divorced. They are in separate rooms. Lucas sells his house because he wants a bigger one. Pandora and Nigel break up. Lucas and Adrian's father fight because Adrian's mother goes to live with Lucas in Sheffield.


Adrian turns 14. His father says he is an acquaintance who calls Doreen Slater. Adrian spends the weekend at Nigel's house and drinks Whiskey for the first time. Adrian's mother sends him a letter saying she will pay him a visit with Lucas. Adrian goes to Sheffield with his mother for a few days, then returns home.


Adrian receives a letter from his mother saying she will pay a visit. Adrian's father is happy, thinking she will return forever. But she returns with Lucas. They cut the power to Adrian because his father owes 95 pounds. Grandma pays it, and Adrian and his father spend a few days at her house. Grandma talks to the abuser's father, who takes the money from Adrian and returns it to him.


Adrian's father loses his job, and Doreen goes home to him to make him feel better. She has a two-year-old boy named Maxwell. Pandora likes Adrian. Bert is very ill and is taken to the hospital. Pandora goes to Adrian's house, and they kiss.


Adrian has tonsillitis, and his mother visits him. An Indian family lives in Lucas' old house, which Adrian's father does not like. Adrian goes to a party and gets drunk. Bert escapes from the hospital and goes to live with Adrian, then moves in with the Indian family. Pandora goes to Tunis and sends a postcard to Adrian.


Pandora calls Adrian from Tunisia, saying her flight was delayed. When she returns, she goes to the pool with Adrian.


Bert returns to his house. Adrian goes back to school and has to buy a new uniform because he has grown. It is his mother's 37th birthday, and she leaves with Lucas.

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