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Compliance is the property for which a text is adapted wing situation in which communication occurs and meets the intent of the sender successfully. An appropriate text must meet 2 conditions:
-The language should be adjusted to appropriate level of formality, both in terms of vocabulary and other linguistic structures.
-The general structure of the text should respond to the text type that best s'adiqui with the intention of the sender comunativa in each case.
Consistency is the property for which a text contains quality information and well-organized.
- Select the ideas of the text. should be clear from the outset the subject that gives unity and meaning to the text and therefore selects the IDEs that would trasmentre.
-Organize ideas. The text must segir a command so that the various ideas have been chained and should be occupying the most appropriate development.
Cohesion is the owner by which the parties are well locked up a text through grammatical resources that allow separation and related statements and prayers
- References to elements mentioned above go without repeating them throughout the text.
- Pauses and intonation and punctuation to separate the different statements or sentences that compose a text.
-The connectors, and stated that prayer ellacen

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