Before acquiring a dog

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Mandela was born in... mandela's first teacher told him that his new first name would be nelson. His father had died and then, he was adopted by a tribal chief. Melaqnini explained him that their young boys were slaved in their own countri. He also said that white men controled their land. He dreamt os the day they ould had power.

anter mandela had enrolled at the unibersity, he was elected to stu rep council. He had been involbed in the anti... 22 years before he joined at the afrikan national congress. After 7 years he had used methods... He was arrested and...
he had been 27 years in prison and seleased on.. . The novel was given to mandela. Mandela had had the honor of been the first bleck president and he had stoped..

the passive: Present simple ice hockey is played in spain are computers sold in that shop? Past simple the letter was written by jon. Was the mach won by ia? Future will ian's cakes will be sold in the  cafe. Will the game by designed by x? Be going to the walls are going to be painted blue, is the final going to be televised in eangland? Suggest sujerir announce anunciar promise warn advertir agree refuse admit invite offer tell complain quejar explain. After she had moved out, I found her notes

reported speech: present simple -->past simple present continous-->past continous past simple--> past perfect present perfect-->past perfect will->would is/are going to-->was/were going to can-->could have to-->had to today-->that day tomorrow--> the following day yesterday--> the previous day 2 years ago--> 2 years before qstin: he asked me where i wanted to go. He asked me if i had seen his dog.

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