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1.)Prevent crimes    be damaged            fatal

   Manure heap         disgusted                auction

   Pain                       chatterbox               reliable

   Pujar                      universidad            gratificar

  Objetivo                  cosas                      personal

2.) Not to –so that-in order

3.) Despite  Having a huge  adversiting Compaing, campaing,  their product failed Sell.

     The film was quite boring. Furthermore it Was too long.

     The climb was extremely difficult, Nevertheless we managed  to reach the Top.

      People find it hard to learn English due To complicated grammar rules.

4.) You’d  better arrive on time tomorrow.

     I wish I was smaller

      She went to the gym after doing the Shopping .

       Beth, Whose idea was proposed at the last meeting, is in charge of sales.

      We started growing  our own vegetables for a  year ago.

      He will be gived and award.

       The fan asked him  whether he can have his autograph there.

      She sings since 9 oclock.

      At the end of march will be taken  my  Driving test.

      Alison promised to me I will never lie to You again.

  5.) She complained that the waiters had Been very rude last nigt before.

          He asked what time did the shop open.  

          She asked if I was going out that Night.

           He said that she wouldn’t lend me The money.

           She asked to remove my shoes.

           He told me to have a party.

      6.) If she was not underpaid, it would Be a perfect job.

           I had not served that last nigh if I Had known.

           She will let you know as soon as she Decided.

            If I were you I would not throw the Away.

           If global warming continues many Species will disappear.

           It would have participated it someone had reminded me about .

         7.) I if Only I were older.

              I wish I had gone to the concert.

              I if only knew what is the Answer.

              I wish there weren’t so much Pollution in palma.

   8.) The boss are being gived us a risen Next month.

              The dog should have gived  some fresh water.

                Two paparazzi were attacked by Timberlake outside this hotel.

                Millions of videos on youtube Was watching by people at this moment.

    9.) Their Own clothes.

                    Have delivered it .

                   Get my eyes checked.

                   Had it cut.

  10.) LG, Videos are said to be outrageous.

                   The president is thougt to Lie at the interview.

                   Climate change is believed To affect crops.

  11.) I ‘ve read the Article which he was talking about it.

I’ve read The article about which he was talking it.

               This is person who  you sent your application to. 

               This is person to whom you sent Tour application.

   12.) People, Who are often angry afterwants, are fired.

They  didn’t receive the email which I sent Yesterday. 

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