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Domestic trade progressed:
•Improvement of roads.
•Building of waterways.
Increase in crafts and agricultural production 
Foreign trade: The mother countries and the colonies:
•Mother countries imported from colonies: Precious metals and plantation products (cotton, coffee, tea, cocoa or sugar).
•Mother countries exported to colonies: Manufactured products and African slaves 
•OLD REGIME SOCIETY started to crumble.
Enlightened intellectuals criticised the privileged classes. They wanted:
•Social division based on merit, personal worth and usefulness.                                 

They criticised:

•Nobility did not play a useful role in society: their military function was preformed by professional armies.
•Clergy was too numerous and their influence in education and society was abusive.

Bourgeoisie: increasingly numerous and active group.

•They became rich: because of the economic activities they carried out.
•They considered themselves as producers of wealth.
•They unfairly lacked social recognition and an accordant political role.
•Very important in France: French Revolution in 1789.

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