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1.Which of the following represents the shift of power in the marketplace? From a sellers' to a customers' market2. Which are the two dimensions of quality? market-perceived quality and performance quality3._____ is a term used to identify concern with the environmental consequences of a variety of marketing activities? Green marketing4.As part of the "green marketing" movement, the European Commission has passed legislation to control all kinds of packaging waste throughout the European Union. Two critical issues that affect product development are the control of the packaging component of solid waste and _____? consumer demand for environmentally friendly products5._____ is the process by which innovation spreads. Diffusion6.According to Everett Rogers, the goal of the diffusion researcher and the marketer are to shorten the time lag between: introduction of an idea or product and its widespread adoption.7.Which of the following is considered to be one of the extraneous variables that affects the rate of diffusion of an object? the method used to communicate the idea8.In general, the rate of diffusion can be postulated as negatively related to _____? complexity9.The success of a firm taking inventions to market is referred to as _____? conversion ability10.The product platform, design features, and functional features are all found in which of the following components of the product component model used in the text? core component11.Services are distinguished by all of the following unique characteristics EXCEPT: repeatability12.Because a service is individually produced and is virtually unique, the service is said to have: heterogeneity13.Which of the following is the largest services export of the United States? International tourism14.Four kinds of barriers face consumer services marketers in the global marketplace. Which of the following of these barriers is in force when a foreign market requires that services (such as banking or insurance) originate within the foreign market itself and not from outside sources? protectionism15.Any influence that the company of manufacture, assembly, or design has on a consumer's positive or negative perception of a product is called the: country-of-origin effect.

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