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I usually get up at 7 p.M every day in the morning. I have coffee with my husband. Then he goes to work and I prepare breakfast and a cnack for my son. Then I wake my son up for breakfast, and I take him to scool, an d I go to work. I leave work at 2. P.M . I go home to have lunch, and then i go to pick up my son from scool. We stay a while in the park, to play with his friends. Then I take my son to after-scool classses. We get home around 5.30 p.M. My son starts playing or doing homework and I do things around the house ( cleaning the house, making dinner, helping my son with his homework...). Then we have dinner, wath a movie and go to sleep.

Hi Ksenia. How are you ? I hope you are well. I want to tell you what I wont to tell you what I did on the weekend. We got up at 8.30 p.M. We had breakfast. We eat very much because needed energy for the whole day. Then we took the car and went to Benidorm, to the dragons park. After a long walk in the park, we had lunch at the park and went home. We had a pizza for dinner. After dinner we watched TV. WE had a good time, especially my son. I hope to recieve your news soon. Love Alina

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