"death in the freezer"

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1.Is  2.Becomes  3.Has shown  4.don’t fully mature  5.Are 6.Change 7.Keep  8.Has been seen 9.Is 10.Is not  11.Are 12.Have just taken 13.Continues  14.Suggests 15.Differs 16.Have ever been told  17.Don’t become 18.Have not changed 19.Have seen  20.Were growing 21.Did not see 22.Reached 23.Began  24.Became 25.Found 26.Learning 27.Lay 28.Had turned  29.Grew 30.Went 31.Took 32.Are living

Prepositions: 1.Get over the death  2.Get out of this house 3.Look after the baby  4.Look at the document 5.Broke down completely 6.To put off the lights  7.Keep it on forlong 8.The gun went off by accident 9.Goes up in the winter  10.Gave them back to there 11.I came across a vase 12.Take it out/back 13.Took over the family  14.Care for four children 15.I ran across 16.Turn off 17.Called off because 18.Gave back all the books  19. Put it away 20. Handed in their papers

Suitable word: 1.Trust  2.To other you  3.Decision 4.Have an accident  5.A little bit strange 6.Hard storm  7.Sneaky/ unreliable 8confused about the exam

ADJ format. Non+.-ful/ -less/ -ly/ -y/ -al/ -ish/ -able/ -ous/ -en/ -ic/ -(t)ive NOUN formt.Adj+ -ness/ -dom/ -ity/ -ism. | verb+ -tion/ -ment/ -ance/ -er/ -age/ -al/ -ery

Preffixes. Negative: dis- /im- /ir- /il- /mis- /non- /un-

Modals. Ability: can/ can’t/ could  Permission: can/ could/ may Possibility: may(not)/ might(not)  Obligation: must / have to / will have to / had to Prohibition: musn’t/ musn’t/ weren’t  No obligation: don’t have or need to / needn’t/ wont have or need to/ didn’t have or need to  Advice: should Certainty: can’t / must

Linkers: CONTRAST. Although=in spite of the / however=but=yet / whereas=while // CAUSE EFFECT. Because+sentence=because of+noun // AS LONG AS=IF // we are sure that = we have no doubt that // provided that = if. I REGRET THE FACT THAT I...=IWISH I...

Is that bicicle hers?;does that bicicle belong to her?

Ger-inf: I still have in mind=i still remember/ i’m sorry=i apologise for /give me a hand=help me/ he no longer smokes= he has stopped smoking/ really son’t like= detest/ made a decition= decided to/ are still doing=haven’t finish/  i think=i regrate/ had the habit of= is used to/ have a idea of=imagine/ act las=pretend to/ i surrender= i give up

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