Wreck it

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A Swiss family, on their trip to New Guinea, suffers a wreck in the coast Of a desert island, but they get to save a lot of food and tools from the ship. The family builds a spacious house on the top of a tree and they discover that The island is full of animals, in addition to the two Great Dane dogs that were Traveling on the ship.

The eldest children go out To explore and find some pirates who have captured the captain and the grumete. The children save the grumete, "Bertie". When they come back to the Treehouse they discover that Bertie is Roberta, a trans girl.

The brothers compete for Roberta's love. The family prepares a party in which Francis rides a small Elephant, Ernst an ostrich, Roberta a zebra and the monkey rides on one of the Dogs. The mother fires a weapon as an exit signal and the pirates hear it.

Pirates attack, but the family defends Themselves with traps and inventions they have created, although pirates are Too many. At the opportune moment, a ship captained by Roberta's grandfather Appears and fires its cannons that make pirates scape. The captain offers to Take the family back, but the Swiss have taken care of the island and everyone decides to Stay except Ernst, who wants to study at the university and continue his Studies.

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