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The story begins at the Reform Club, where Phileas Fogg hires his passepartout sriviente. He was with his friends and they make a bet of 20,000 pounds to see if Fogg could go around the world in 80 days. Fogg later gives the news to his servant that they are going to go around the world. They both go by train, and when a few days pass, all London learns of the trip. The first place is Suez, where Fix, a detective, thinks that Fogg is the thief of the Bank of London. They have a problem with the passport but they manage to solve it with an elephant, which makes them arrive in Bombai. They have another problem with the train and buy the elephant to get to Calcutta, where they rescue Aouda. Fix was waiting for them in Calcutta and Fogg is arrested and then leaves. There is a storm and your boat to Hong Kong has a problem with the rain. Then he takes Passepartout to S.S (a boat) to go to San Francisco and wakes up without Fogg and Aouda, who later travels thanks to a Chinese man. They travel to New York by boat. Fogg wants to go to Liverpool but he can not. In the end they arrive and are arrested. Travel by balloon to London and win the bet. Finally he marries Aouda.

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