Vocabulary about weather and geography

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-It was very easy to pass this exam, it was a piece of cake. (very easy)

-I don´t enjoy studying geography, it´s not my cup of tea. (not my favourite thing)

-He got a 10 in the exam! He passed with flying colours. ( get an excellent mark)

-Mary was over the moon when she found out she had won the prize.(very happy)

-I don´t have a clue about physics, I always have a zero.(have no idea)

-It isn´t true you failed, I was just pulling your leg.(To joke)

-I put my foot in it when I told everybody her secret. She never forgave me.(make a  


-I love little Johnny in class, he is the apple of my eye. (favourite pupil)

-Before I have an exam I feel butterflies in my tummy, I am so nervous. ( feel nervous)

-Will you please be quiet! You are a pain in the neck. ( a nuisance)

-I must call the doctor, I feel under the weather. (ill)

-He didn´t do his homework, he forgot his books and now he´s wasting time. That´s the

final straw! (el colmo)

-If you go on holiday to Scotland you will improve your English and meet new people.

-You will kill two birds with one stone. ( do 2 actions at the same time)

-He never does his homework, only once in a blue moon. (not very often)

-The teachers lose their heads when the pupils make a noise. (go crazy)

-Don´t let the cat out of the bag, don´t tell anybody. (give away the secret)

-She´s got a bun in the oven. The baby will be born in June. ( pregnant)

-He is a bad egg, he is always in trouble. ( a troublemaker)

-The teacher is as cool as a cucumber, always so relaxed. ( relaxed)

-You must be nuts if you think I´m going to copy in the exam! ( mad)

-He is one smart cookie, so intelligent. ( clever)

-Don´t spill the beans, don´t tell anybody. / give away the secret)

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