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Australia is 90% urban


Australia has 6 states and two Territories

A. 8% of the land is arable – 2% is being used
B. Main crop is wheat plus sugar cane, grapes, rice
C. Main exports are wheat, meat, wool
D. Australia has long been the world leader in wool production – they have more Than 160 million sheep – more than 20% of the wool sold in the world
E. Millions of Cattles. Sheep and cattle ranches

A. Australia exports about 1/3 of the world’s Bauxite
B. About 1/5 of the world’s coal

c. Oil and gas production has increased – still Imports

Australia’s weakness link – it is a country that exports the primary product But imports the finished goods. Tourism is also important – out back and The Great Barrier Reef

A. Aboriginals were first British convicts were next
B. White Australia policy - only British origin could come in – ended in 1976
C. Some Asia today

Industry processing is weak – small local markets – long distance to many Markets – legal problems with aboriginals

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