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Index → classify with an order He’s as strong as an axe

Follow → coworker I slept like a log last night

Originated → first time She’s quiet as a mouse

Colossal → large My brother is like a bull in a china shop (patoso)

Documented → recorded

Coin → invent a new word

Apparent → something obvious As easy as pie

Ingenuity → creativity As cold as ice

Abundant → a lot As dry as a bone

Term → word As blind as a bat

Unconventional → not typical As free as a bird

Brainstorm → generate ideas As old as the hills

Inspiration → origin of a new idea As silent as the grave

Passed away → died As sweet as honey

Intriguing → interesting

Innovative → original or new

Finite → end

Eponymous → word with a name of a famous person

Toponymous → word with a name of a famous place

Tire → stop doing something

Malware → virus Coin a word

Podcast → app to download and listen music Have a holiday/Take a holiday

Digitally enhance → modify a picture (photoshop) Switch on/turn on a light

Data-miningcollect info Care for

Wiki → website in which people can post information Get/Collect data

Phishing → attempt to get passwords Get/have an idea

Social networking → redes sociales Turn off/shut down the computer

Acronym → ONU Search/explore/surf the internet

Alliteration → sound repetition Take/catch the bus

Anagram → amor - roma Turn up/turn down the music

Cliché → expression Look for information

Simile → use like/as

Webinar → online presentation in which participants can ask questions

Make room: hacer espacio

Make a mill: deseo

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