Una historia en ingles simple present,simple past,future,past continuous y present continuous

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Used to/would(pasado marcado) – Solía

Usually – Suelo

Be used to/ Ge/ot used to– Estar acostrumbrada/ Acostumbrarse a

Would – ía

Present perfect: I have lived in Barcelona since 2001

Present continuos: También para quedada. We’re living en futuro.

Past continuous: When I left work, it was snowing heavily.

Past simple: I studied architecture in Barcelona in 2001

Past Perfect: By 12 o'clock Jane had finished typing the letters + Acababa de

May – Ser posible / probabilidad alta

Might – Puede que / probabilidad media

Could – Podría

Zero conditional

If he's hungry, he makes a sandwich.

First conditional-

If he comes, I'll help him

Second conditional-

If today was Sunday, I would be at home.

Third conditional

If we had seen her, we would have spoken to her.

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