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Animal nutrition.
Performed on the device Digestion.Se digestivo.Comprende four phases: Ingestion: Taking food from outside. Digestion. Food processing on nutrient. Absorcion.Paso of nutrients into the blood. Egestion: the elimination of undigested waste abroad. Breathing
Is performed on the device respiratorio.Existen several types of breathing. Skin. Gas exchange occurs across the surface of the body. Gill. Is carried out through gills, thin extensions of the surface of the body surrounded by numerous blood vessels. Tracheal. It is accomplished by trachea, thin extensions of the surface of the body that reach almost all of animal cellulase. Pulmonary. Takes place in the lungs, internal cavities and thin walls of blood vessels filled wetlands.
The circulatory system performs. Types of circulatory systems.
Open. The fluid transport leaves the blood vessels and spreads through the spaces between the organs.
Closed. The blood always circulates inside the blood vessels. Simple blood only happens once for the hearts in a full stroke. Double desveces passes through the heart and circulation has major and minor.
Process that collects the waste products produced by cellular activity and are expelled to the outside. They do: the insect Malpighian tubules), the green glandular (crustaceans) and the excretory apparatus (vertebrates).
Plant nutrition includes the following processes.
Absorption: Pasodos water and minerals (crude wise) from the soil into the root. Takes place through the root hairs. Transportation gross sap. Driving with since roots to the green parts of the plant. Is made through conductive xylem vessels. Exchange gases. Is via the stomata. Photosynthesis. Occurs in the leaves and green stems. Transportation of elaborated sap. Organize transport of substances produced in photosynthesis to all cells of the plant. It is done through the phloem. Mitochondrial respiration. Use of contemporary organized substance for energy. Excretion. Elimination of waste products generated in metabolism.

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