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Types of scaffolding:-

  1. Single scaffolding or back layers scaffolding
  2. Double scaffolding or masonts scaffolding
  3. Cantilever or need scaffolding
  4. Suspended scaffolding
  5. Trestle scaffolding
  6. Steel scaffolding
  7. Timber scaffolding
  8. Pantented scaffolding


  1. Plasticizers
  2. Super plasticizers
  3. Retarder and retarding plasticizers
  4. Accelerators and accelerating plasticizers
  5. Air-entraining admixtures
  6. Pozzolanic or mineral admixtures
  7. Dam proofing and water proofing admixtures
  8. Gas forming admixtures
  9. Air-detraining admixtures
  10. Workability admixtures
  11. Grouting admixtures
  12. Corrosion inhibiting admixture
  13. Bonding admixtures
  14. Colouring admixtures

Grades of concrete

  1. M 5    - 1:5:10
  2. M 7.5 – 1:4:8
  3. M 10  -  1:3:6
  4. M 15  -  1:2:4
  5. M 20  - 1:1.5:3
  6. M 25  -  1:1:2

Mix Design:- Mix design can be defined as the process of selecting suitable ingredients of concrete and determining their relative proportions with the object of producing concrete of certain minimum strength and durability as economically. As possible

Flow Table Test: - the Flow table test or flow test is a method to determine consistency of fresh concrete. Flow table test is also used to identify transportable moisture limit of solid bulk cargoes. It is used primarily for accessing concrete that is too workable to be measured using the slump test, because the concrete will not retain its shape when the cone is removed.

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