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It was an unusual way to meet your best friend, my mother told me I didn't remember the way I met my best friend since it was when I was little. So I kindly turned to my mother to ask her. He told me in a very pleasant way that it was in the nursery when I was 2 years old any day I approached him to say four words and on top of that, as is the human being, my mother told me, how it is possible that I could understand you Honestly, I didn't understand you or me.
Since that day you have not separated, you have been loyal, you have given help, you have been respectful of each other, my mother said in a very beautiful tone.
The moment I just told myself the exact moment when I met my best friend, I began to remember to share each momneto by his side.
He is the most honest person I have ever met, and as my mother used to say, we met in an unusual way, with hardly any communication.

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