Did Trevor really understand why baron hausberg was so interested in hughie??

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THE MODEL MILLIONAIRE: Hughie Erskine was a enchanting Young man who was in love with Laura Merton. She was daughter of a retired Colonel who would not hear of any plans for marriage unless Hughie had 10.000 pounds. He had a friend named Trevor who was an artist, One day he entered his friend's studio and he was painting a beggar which looked so piteous. That beggar, as all de models, earned a shilling for an hour as a model, and Trevor earned 2000 for that painting. Then Trevor had to go a few minuts to talk to the framemaker and the beggar rested for a momento. Hughie pitied the beggar and gave him a gold coin. Some time later, Trevor discovered Hughie that the old man was the richest one in Europe and he had paid Trevor to be painted as a beggar, the fantasy of a millionaire. Hughie was ashamed but the next morning he received a visit  of Baron Hausberg (the beggar) and brought a letter where there was a cheque for 10.000 pounds as a wedding present "from an old beggar". They got married, and both Trevor and The Baron made a speech at the wedding

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