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3) A marketer of fine French cognac offers a fancy cigar ashtray to persons who correctly solve a crossword puzzle and mail it in. This is an example of a trade promotion.

4) Overall, sales promotion tools, such as coupons, are used less frequently as consumer products companies increase budget allocations for media advertising.

7) Market maturity can also be different from country to country; consumer sampling and coupons are appropriate for mature markets.

9) Cross coupons offer its users deal-of-the-day that are sponsored by local businesses.

12) When MCI Communications first entered Latin America, it utilized expatriate Americans despite the high cost of doing so.

15) The U.S.-style "I'll do whatever it takes to get your business" has proven to be a successful selling approach throughout the world.

16) The final step in the 6-step sales presentation plan is closing the sale.

21) Worldwide, the popularity of direct marketing has been steadily decreasing in recent years.

22) Direct marketing does not work well as a global marketing tool because it is not well suited to the task of addressing cultural differences among consumers.

26) Industry observers expect the popularity of home shopping to decrease during the next few years as interactive television technology is introduced into more households.

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