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-The article ´…´written by … and published in the Newspaper/on the webpage´…´on the 20 may/in 2017, explains /shows/informs/delas With…

-short sentence:the reader can understand easily the Sentence, since it is not a daily topic where you understand all the words in It.Furthermore using these kind of sentences makes it easier ifor the reader so That the information sticks in his or her head//scientific language: in order To provehis  knowledge credibility for The autor/ examples:doping-hostory-connects readers knowledge to the topic Which makkes it easier for them to understand and for the autor to be more Credible/las paragraph questions: makes u think about the topic so u créate Your own opinión on it + futhermore it makes you think more and deeper  since u try to answer the question./mentions Institutions, doctors- to support his opinión but also to show that he has done Research on the topic and that the institutions mentioned agree with his Theories. Mcredibility/Word fields:sports science medicine-knowledge about it/punctuation:-dash-pause-are Normally used in scientific writings to explain assertions which are not Obvious for the regular reader     strats off by/x follows by ing/

it is a fact, that science has developed sharply in the past Years and so has genetic engineering. Although genetic engineering may sound as Something impressive and very  useful, There arte some negative aspects which people do not know. In the following Text i will comment on the pros and cons of editing genes concluding by giving My opinión.

Avoid terminal diseases there are also many social and Ethical arguments against genetic engineering. A great amount of experts on the Topic believe that manipulatinghuman genes to change for example eye or hair Color of new born babies, is unethical and may produce and increase in social Differences. Several religions state that certain levels of genetic engineering Can be ´playing to be god´.

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