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(En)HOW baT(10-11)T(16-17)better rely on me than on paul,you can use my car providing you bring it back,me not come later than 10,getting up;tiny,threat,survival,at bay,solved,to outpace (Es)LITTLE ccF(3)F(5)the father asked the doctors if his babe would survive,lucy saw michael off at the train station,you had come to my birthday party,the weather she attended to my class;starve,spokesperson,encased, damega,perinatal,heartbeat                            (Fr)IS THE acF(6-7)T(13-14)If only we could be friends,unless the weather is bad,interested in..(-ing),I had..(past participle);to be aware of,chance, blizzard,to wonder,research          (Fn)ROAD bcF(12)T(14-15)I'm looking forward to seeing you,Rod doesn't like painting so he didn't..,such an interesting idea that I'm..,study;overtaking, to speed,jailed,cool,manoeuvre,to injure

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