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Observations: 1)As soon as water comes in contact with quicklime, it starts
crumbling producing a sort of crackling noise. It gives off steamy vapour.
2)When more water is added, after every minute it forms a thick white suspension and starts boiling, giving out steamy vapour.
3)After some time the white mass settles at the base of the beaker and a clear solution collects over it.
4) The beaker is very hot to the touch.

Conclusions: 1)The reaction between quicklime and water is exothermic in nature. That is why steamy fumes are given out.
2) REACTION: CaO+H2O ====> Ca(OH)2+H2O
3)Two reactants are involved to form a single product called slaked lime, therefore its a combination reaction which is exothermic in nature.
4) Clear liquid which collects above slaked lime is Ca(OH)2 solution. Commonly called lime water.

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