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1 I was completely alone at home. It was almost Midnight and my parents had gone out with some friends and I was watching my Favourite TV programme, Olympic games.

2 All of a sudden the electricity was cut off. I Decided to go down to the garage so as to get a Lantern. When I came back to my Bedroom it was al messy.At that time I was only concerned about how to tell my parents when theyl returned. However, there was something really odd because I remembered having closed the Window pane while I was watching TV.

 3 I was frozen With terror but I ran downstairs to get the phone, I knew something was bad. On Getting to the main floor I stumbled and I hurt my leg.

4 Suddenly, the lights were shining again and my Parents and closest friends turned up shouting and asking me if I was fine. Actually I wasn't at all! Though the Holy Innocents Day joke had been really Well prepared.

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