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a / an

1) with non-specific things (I want to read a magazine)
2) the first time we mention something (I can see a tall house in the distance)
3) with any member of a group or jobs (He's a football player. She's a teacher)
4) to express each or per (3 eggs a day)

1)with specific things (I want to read the magazine on the table)
2)with things that have already been mentioned. (... The house is red)
3)when there is one of something (the prime minister, the president)
4) 3rd grade words (the fastest, the greatest)
5) statement is referred to that noun (Scientists believe that the wooly mammoth became...)
6)  like wealthy, unemployed, disabled. People who share a characteristic. (the eldery, the unemployed, the disabled)
7) countries that include words like kingdom, states, republic  
8) countries and islands that have plural nouns (the Maldives, the Orkneys)
9) with river, seas, oceans, canals, forests, deserts, gulfs, peninsulas, geographical areas. (The Nile, the Alps, The Lake District, The Black forest)
10) with names of hotels, famous buildings and organisations (The United Nations, the Hilton hotel)
11) with families (The Wilsons, the Morkunai)

1) with things in general or before general plural nouns (He'sgot blue eyes)
2) with abstract nouns (Some people believe thatlove conquers everything)
3) with uncountable nouns (I hatefish, but Ilike fruit)
4) with most countries, towns, streets, lakes, mountains, continents and islands. (France, Paris, Church Road, Lake Titicaca)
5) with languages and nationalities (He'sChinese, but he speaksEnglish perfectly)

1) OPINION (beautiful) > 2) SIZE (big) > 3) SHAPE (triangular) > 4) AGE (old) >

 5) COLOR (black) > 6) ORIGIN, NATIONALITY (german) > 7) MATERIAL 

(bronze) > 8) TYPEPURPOSE (car) > 9) OTHER QUALITIES (rusty, decaying)

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