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Rprted Speech: 1º The chairman said it wasn't going to be easy to raise the mony. 2º The guide told us there wouldn't be much time for sightseeing. 3º John's dad said John spent hours on the Internet. 4º He said I could try for promotion. 5º She asked if I had ever worked abroad. 6º The manager asked when the robbery had been. 7º She asked why they had broken up. 8º He told children to go to bed at the moment. Amy -> he told her isnt to forget to feed the cat. 10º Dont work-> She told me not to work such long hours. Phrasal verbs: Many people find it difficult to gibe up smoking. The whole famili is looking forward TO the holiday. The bike was fine, but the car THROUGH the gap. I decided to take UP tennis. He cleaned his shoes after he TOOK them off. They don't get ON with their neighbours. I'm looking FOR my pen. We asked our friends to look AFTER our dog.

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